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Company Overview

Assiyana is a company that helps busy business owners and homeowners in handling property operations and maintenance concerns. Our help ensures that property owners are free from these back breaking, time-consuming yet vital activities. We have been in business for more than 30 years. This has equipped our technicians with vast experience in providing operation schemes and maintenance in various domains.

Our major services include the following:

  • Facility Management.
  • Cleaning Services.
  • Ground Maintenance and Landscaping.
  • Electro-mechanical Maintenance.
  • Pest Control.
  • FM Software Integration.

We focus on providing the best services in terms of quality and time management.

Who we are

Assiyana is not just another provider of Facility Management and Maintenance Assistance. We bring in the Science and Art of Servicing and Cleaning Facilities. We are the premier source of excellent services that offer expert and reliable solutions to all property management problems. Our many years in business mean extensive knowledge, reliability and mastery in the provision of Facility Management assistance at different levels. Whether you need help in the management of your shop, hospital, home, restaurant or a skyscraper, we will help you.

We Care

Since we care about you and your Facility, we save you from the following:

  • Worrying about keeping your house clean.
  • Bothering about broken mechanical devices and electrical connections.
  • Tiring yourself with restoration and recovery problems.
  • Performing landscaping and Turf necessities.
  • Battling with pests in your property.
Regardless of the aspect of your Facility Management that concerns you, we will take care of it. Our experience in the industry is reflected in everything we do. We have handled different Facility Management projects in Doha – Qatar and Beirut - Lebanon successfully over the years. In all cases, we have met or surpassed the expectations of our clients. We will do the same for you. Simply hire us today and we will handle your Facility Management tasks efficiently and effectively.

Comprehensive Services

We offer comprehensive Facility Management Services that cover the following:

  • Residential Areas and Facilities.
  • Newly Constructed Facilities and Buildings.
  • Universities or Schools.
  • Banks.
  • Offices.
  • Hotels and Restaurants.
  • Public Institutions.
  • Clubs and Cinemas.
  • Hospitals.

Our team comprises of the best technicians with modern equipment and accessories. They handle any management, maintenance or cleaning task. From pest control and cleaning to lawn fertilization and electrical systems and appliances maintenance and repair. We guarantee you nothing but quality services that meet your utmost satisfaction.

CMI Membership

Proudly, we became a member of the Cleaning Management Institute. This is a professional society that is committed to training, education and career improvement in the facility management sector. We are pleased to be the first company in the region with the CMI membership. Our accession to this institution is a clear indication of our expertise and assurance of ongoing support as well as dedication to offering superior facility management services to our clients. With this membership, we also get first hand information which furthers our ability to deliver better services.

Bureau Veritas ISO 9001

Assiyana has Bureau Veritas ISO 9001 certification. This is an indication that we conform to the highest industry standards. Bureau Veritas is dedicated to conducting audit, inspection, analysis as well as certification of infrastructure, products and the management systems with regards to voluntary or regulatory standards. We are committed to satisfying our clients by offering exceptional services and this certification is a confirmation of this commitment.

Quality Policy

Assiyana has always been committed to providing utmost quality of services to its customers, by implementing the latest methodologies, technologies, and quality control standards that guarantee customer satisfaction.

Our staff undergo vigorous and intensive trainings, so that they are familiar with the latest cleaning, housekeeping, and quality control techniques in order to meet the ISO 9001:2015 standards and objectives.

We always aim to exceed our client’s expectations as well as our internal management needs by focusing on maintaining and always improving the quality of our services.

Assiyana is always keen on abiding by all the Lebanese legal rules and regulations, which form an integral part and a vital guide to the various divisions and departments across the company.

We have successfully positioned ourselves as the number one SERVICE PROVIDERS in the region and we aim to remain the pioneers in the cleaning and property management sectors.
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