FM Software Integration

FM SoftwareIintegration enables facility managers to get valuable analytics and information that they need to make accurate decisions. Assiyana Facility Mmanagement in Doha – Qatar and Beirut - Lebanon includes FM Software Integration. Our Facility Management Software Integration enables you to implement appropriate measures in the management of your facility and track results.

Enhanced Efficiency

Our Facility Management software is more than a simple system for registering asset data and buildings. It is a program that focuses on enhancing efficiency in planning as well as execution of processes in your facility. Our software includes the management of workflow, extensive reporting and business analytics. It is a web based application that is integrated with other IT systems such as building technology and CAD software among others. Assiyana enables you to integrate FM software that meets your expected quality, performance and budget.


We recognize the fact that you have different choices when it comes to FM Software Integration. As such, our Facility Management focuses on ensuring that you have software that meets your expectations. We concentrate on ensuring your long-term satisfaction and better experience.

Here are Some of the Benefits of our FM Software Integration:

  • Configurability

Our FM Software is easy to configure so that it can meet the specific requirements or workflows of your facility.

  • Ease of use

Our Facility Management Software is easy to employ by the general users. However, it provides superior functionality as well as depth for power users.

  • Modular suit

Our software offers a comprehensive suit with modules for all facilities. It meets the workflow needs of different real estate facilities.

  • Seamless integration

Our FM Software allows for powerful integration with systems of enterprises and leading BIM and CAD platforms including Revit and AutoCAD.

  • Flexible and scalable

With our FM software, you can start small with core space as well as modules for asset management then increase additional capabilities on the basis of your growing needs.

Assiyana has adopted FM Software integration as part of its core business to enhance quality service delivery and planning. Our FM Software meets specific requirements for functionality, standardization, financial integration and business continuity.

Get More From Your Facility

Our web based FM Software provides the tools that you need to improve space, assets, occupancy, moves, leases, maintenance and other aspects of Facility Management. Whether you have a large or small facility portfolio, our FM Software makes managing dynamic environments of all facilities easier. We also add new, innovative functionalities to our FMSoftware continuously to ensure that it suits the unique needs of different clients.

Contact us today to enjoy the full benefits of innovative FM Software integration in Facility Management.

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