Facility Management Services
Assiyana offers a wide range of Facility Management services ranging from property consultancy to daily operations. We are a dedicated company that focuses on meeting the ultimate satisfaction of clients. Each project that we manage reflects our exceptional expertise, distinctive approach to property management and its broader property implications. Our Facility Management services enable you to focus on your core business.

Comprehensive Facility Management Solutions

Our Facility Management services are comprehensive. We align and integrate our Facility Management solutions with both the long term and short term strategic objectives of our clients.

Our services include:

  • Cleaning Services.
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Services.
  • Landscaping and Ground Maintenance Services.
  • FM Software Integration.
  • Pest Control Services.
We have a broad network of experienced Facility Managers. These offer quality Facility Management services in Doha – Qatar and Beirut - Lebanon.

Better Facility Management

We believe that Facility Management is an integration of various processes in any organization. These processes are aimed at maintaining and developing the agreed services that improve and support effectiveness of the primary activities of an organization. We have vast experience in the provision of Facilities Management Services. This is reflected by our effective, integrated Facility Management approach.

Efficiency and Quality

We know how important Facility Management is, and for this reason we focus on delivering efficient and quality Facility Management Services to our clients. Since we manage our staff, we are able to control and govern every aspect of service delivery. We do not depend on third parties to deliver superior quality Facility Management Services.

Why Outsource

We are the leaders in Facility Management since we deliver exemplary services within a short span of time. We are not just focused on being the leader in the industry. We also want our clients to see the actual advantages of hiring our Facility Management Services. With us you can save time, money and energy. We also want you to keep your employees motivated while complying with the set regulations and legislations. Take advantage of our services and synergies to enhance the overall management of your facility.

Optimize your Facility Performance

Whether you want to enhance efficiency in the systems of your building or provide interim management of the daily operations, you want to gain the best value from your investment. Our services are aimed at generating more value through cost savings, efficiency and quality service. We guarantee you optimized performance for your facility once you hire our Facility Management Service.

Make us your innovative partner when it comes to property management. Hire us to manage any of your property whether commercial, residential or mixed-use in a professional and efficient manner. 

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