MEP Services

Our MEP Services are at the core of effective property maintenance and management. Our services include professional Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Solutions. Although these services might seem minute to the Facility Management, small problems that relate to them arise when they are least expected. If there is no proper mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) system maintenance in place, they escalate into serious facility problems. To ensure your freedom from these problems.

Mechanical Services

Our Mechanical Services entail addressing design issues in Facility Management. These issues affect indoor air quality, life safety, thermal comfort, as well as building reliability, flexibility and redundancy. From the central plants to stand-alone equipment, we ensure that the design of your facility is optimized via energy modeling and integrated systems for reducing carbon emissions while enhancing water and energy efficiency.

Electrical Services

Electrical appliances, connections and implements are important to homes and offices. Without them, your facility or establishment will not function properly. After installation, electrical appliances, connections and implements need regular maintenance. That is where our electrical services come in. We ensure that the electrical system and appliances in your facility are managed and maintained properly to deliver optimal performance while reducing the possibility of causing danger.

Plumbing Services

Having a properly maintained plumbing system in your facility will increase its lifespan. If water leaks in your property for a long time, it will cause serious damage to the floor, wall or other fixtures. This is why you should hire the best plumbing services to ensure that your plumbing system is properly maintained and repaired when necessary. Assiyana offers plumbing services that keep your plumbing system functional and properly maintained.

Why Assiyana?

We offer the best MEP services in Doha – Qatar and Beirut - Lebanon. We have a team of highly trained professionals with vast experience in the provision of mechanical, electrical and plumbing services. We help you maximize the performance of your electrical appliances and facility by expanding their capabilities and optimizing energy usage.

Hire our MEP services to get the following:

  • Prompt, comprehensive and professional services.
  • Quality services offered by trained, courteous and uniformed technicians.
  • On-time, speedy mechanical, electrical and plumbing solutions.
  • Detailed report and analysis of the needs of your system.
  • Tips and measures for preventing mechanical, electrical and plumbing problems in the future.
  • Complete quote before any service is delivered.

Whether you want normal maintenance or repair services, Assiyana has you covered. We offer our services in line with restoration and recovery measures after a disaster. We can help you in securing your property value, today and in the future. Do not let minor Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing issues ruin your returns on property investment. Get in touch with us today to hire the best MEP services and keep your property in good, functional condition.

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